TriColour Cleaning System

Dream Home Clean uses a Three Colour coding system to segregate our cleaning products for different areas of the house to maintain a strict hygiene cleaning system.

We use the right cleaning products and equipment in the right places to avoid spreading dirt and germs to ensure your family’s health and safety.

• Blue Cloths & Products
Bedrooms, receptions, studies and hallways

• Green Cloths & Products
Kitchens and utilities

• Red Cloths & Products
Laundry, Bathrooms and Ensuites

All our cloths are the best quality microfiber available on the market.

All our equipment is sanitised before we enter your property.

Our cleaners are trained when using sprays bottles to spray directly onto the cloth and never directly on to the surface to avoid potential damage or spreading fumes through the air.

A high priority is to remove dirt and germs, while minimising the risk of transference from one area of the house to another.

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