Regular Home Cleans

Choose your own schedule : daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Our team work through a pre-determined cleaning list we tailor with you during our initial quote walk through.

With Dream Home Clean on your team, you will enjoy returning home to relax in an immaculately clean house ... proud to invite your family, friends or colleagues around.

If you are frustrated with existing cleaners missing things or not cleaning to the standard you expect, we're confident you'll be impressed with our attention to detail.

Dream Home Clean have processes in place to ensure each reliable cleaner follows your job sheet

• Our Cleaners are trained professionally to rigorously follow strict cleaning procedures, rules and hygiene standards

• Each task follows a procedure starting at the highest point in the room working downwards, and moving from left to right across the room. This way items are not missed.

At Dream Home Clean we specialise only in residential cleaning which means you have your home cleaned by a highly trained professional team who will use our hygienic TriColour process to ensure excellent results with terrific value!

The following 'regular' routines offer you an insight into our most popular clean schedule. However, please remember, we will commence by discussing your specific needs, which may differ from that below.

TriColour Green Room

  1.  Remove dust / cobwebs
  2.  Bins - empty and clean
  3.  Remove loose dirt
  4.  General Tidy-up
  5.  Clean stove hob, soak hob rings, oven front, back splash and extractor hood *
  6.  Clean glasswork, light switches and door handles
  7.  Clean cupboard and drawer exteriors
  8.  Clean surfaces
  9.  Clean furniture
  10.  Clean Sink
  11.  Vacuum
  12.  Mop

* Oven interiors can be cleaned periodically when you request, at a predetermined cost presented in our quote.

Bedrooms, Dining rooms, Piano rooms, Hallways,
TV & Entertainment rooms

TriColour Blue Rooms

  1.  Remove dust / cobwebs
  2.  Bins - empty and clean
  3.  General Tidy-up
  4.  Change bed linen / make beds (if instructed)
  5.  Clean mirrors
  6.  Clean glasswork, light switches and doors
  7.  Clean fixtures and fittings
  8.  Clean furniture
  9.  Vacuum upholstery
  10.  Vacuum floors
  11.  Mop floors

Bathrooms, Shower, Toilets, Laundry
TriColour Red Rooms

  1.  Remove dust / cobwebs
  2.  Bins - empty and clean
  3.  General Tidy-up
  4.  Clean mirrors
  5.  Clean glasswork, light switches and door handles
  6.  Remove plug hairs
  7.  Flush toilet, plunge water and add descale
  8.  Clean, rinse and dry shower
  9.  Clean, rinse and dry bath
  10.  Clean, rinse and dry basin
  11.  Brush toilet, clean toilet surrounding and flush
  12.  Vacuum floor
  13.  Mop floor

Remember to please mention any other special needs you have that are not listed above. We're flexible to address your desires.

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